Friday, June 26, 2009

Local History & Heritage

The City of Boroondara has a proud and rich heritage.

This area was originally part of the hunting grounds of a Wurundjeri clan of the Woiwurrung people. In 1837, John Gardiner and his family were the first Europeans to settle here.

Surveying the area that same year, Robert Hoddle declared it the 'Parish of Boroondara'. As the area was densely wooded, he took the word from the Woiwurrung language, translating it as ' where the ground is thickly shaded'.

The first Local Government body was the Boroondara District Road Board, formed in 1854 and incorporated the areas which were to become Hawthorn, Kew and Camberwell.

Hawthorn and Kew were created as separate municipalities in 1860 and the remaining area of the Road Board became Boroondara Shire in 1871. This later became the City of Camberwell.

With the amalgamation of the Cities of Camberwell, Kew and Hawthorn in June 1994 the City of Boroondara was created.

The logo of the new municipality represents this amalgamation, as well as the geography and history of the area. The Yarra River, Gardiner's Creek and the area's leafy environment are symbolised.

The formal shape of the logo suggests the structured settlement of Boroondara, and the circle represents the community that is embraced and shaded by the other elements. The colours express early Aboriginal influences.

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