Monday, March 25, 2013

Vintage shoes- BERG fashion library

During Heritage Week 2013, we have a program of events celebrating different aspects of our heritage. Join us for photograph restoration, a Public Record Office workshop on researching property, a look at the history of an ANZAC solider and learn more about the resources available for local and family history at Boroondara Libraries... but first, it is all about shoes!

Whilst we wait patiently to meet Ann Dixon of Bygone days and her amazing vintage shoe collection, get your shoe fix with the Berg Fashion Library. You can access this subscription only database from home, using your library card.

See pictures, articles and ebooks about all aspects of fashion across the world, throughout the ages.

Search by place with the maps feature:

Use the timeline slider to discover fashion eras:

Find articles, designer profiles, ebooks and lesson plans as well a range of interesting news, historical and cultural information: 

Berg Fashion Library is a great resource for students, designers, fashionistas and, of course, shoe tragics. It is well designed and draws on the resources of galleries, museums, collections and fashion houses from around the world. So login and take a look!

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louboutin said...

they are beautiful

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