Sunday, April 7, 2013

The secret is out, there really is a monster under your bed...

Lurking under your bed, or in the top back corner of your wardrobe lives a monster.

Of course, not the scary eat your children while they're sleeping kind (sorry). This monster is trapped within a shoe box, or three, with forgotten faces and memories, gathering dust and slowly deteriorating over time.

That's right, this monster is your family photos. From sepia to Polaroid, passed down through generations these shots signify a cherished memory.

Why then, are we ignoring them? Why are they trapped in albums and shoe boxes awaiting their potential. Imagine laughing over them on Flickr, Facebook, or at family gatherings. There's true beauty in sharing together these special moments of days gone by.

Often though, as with all monsters we're scared to start the fight, unsure of how to begin, or where. Which photos do I begin to digitise, where do I store them, how do I fix the imperfections? The questions are endless and make the task seem impossible, and that, is why we leave our shoe boxes where they are.

Thankfully, as part of Heritage week 2013 we will bring you a series of talks, one of which will help you on the right road to slaying the monster.

Professional "monster slayer" Carol Heath from Pixel by Pixel will present some hints and tips on how to preserve and restore these treasured memories.

So now that daylight saving is over, and winter is beckoning, get prepared for an exciting time of bringing your family history to life. Join us and book now for this great session.

Don't forget; if you have any shots of our Boroondara, please bring them along, we'd love to see them!

photo credit: <a href="">Great Beyond</a> via <a href="">photopin</a> <a href="">cc</a>

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