Saturday, February 11, 2012

Dappled light in Camberwell Library garden 52/6/2

This second photo for the #fp2012 reflects both light and shade. The dappled light showing through the trees make this seat a popular spot for the community to relax. It has been very hard to get a photo of this without members of the community on the seat. There always seems to be someone sitting there resting, reading or one day there was a mother having a picnic with her children.

Camberwell Library has been housed in temporary accommodation in this house in Inglesby Road for the last five years. The house was the former resident of the City of Camberwell Hallkeeper. Camberwell Library which was previously housed in Camberwell Road in the 1890 clocktower building moved here to allow that building to be renovated and returned to its former civic function. The adult library now houses the Council Chamber and associated meeting rooms.

Camberwell Library is scheduled to open in new premises in the former Camberwell Centre in Camberwell Road in October 2012 and we are looking forward both to the new premises but also to the relocation of the Camberwell local and family history collections to this library.

If you want further information on the history of Camberwell Library and to check out some more historical photos, search on "Camberwell Library" in the word cloud on the right.

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