Saturday, April 21, 2012

Rainbow man 52/16/3

This photo is submitted as part of the City of Boroondara Library Service's contribution to the Flickr Friday Photos 2012 challenge.

Cole's Book Arcade in Melbourne was characterized by its rainbow symbol and the the Coles Funny Picture Books all had rainbows on them. Cole also had a rainbow garden at his Essendon house and is photographed beside it in this this book. This biography, Cole of the Book Arcade, was lovingly written by E. Cole Turnley, grandson of the book arcade owner.

And the Boroondara link? Well, the author Cole Turnley (known to us as Ted) was a long time Hawthorn resident and Hawthorn Library user. The Rainbow Man, Cole himself (and his wife and infant daughter), are buried in Boroondara cemetery.

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